Elementary - edit                          A magical new release by: 

S T E V E N  H A L P E R N   &   M I C H A E L  D I A M O N D    

              with  special  guest  Michael Manring  





                        AVAILABLE NOW  for purchase and listening  at AMAZON and iTUNES   (click on links) 

               Ambient Alchemy was ranked number 2  on the ZMR Top 100 chart that tracks radio airplay nationally and internationally!


Atmospheric keyboard textures, soaring guitar, fretless bass, subtly percolating electronics, and nature sounds combine to create an enchanted world of musical dreamscapes…





“TAmbient Alchemy front finalhe collaboration of Michael Diamond and Steven Halpern in the creation of Ambient Alchemy is a lovely one. The music is peaceful, but with enough edge and melody to keep the experience from being in any way static or less than engaging. The addition of the most talented fretless bassist on the planet, Michael Manring, to six of the pieces adds beautifully, taking this recording where very few are capable of going.”

WILL ACKERMAN – GRAMMY winning producer and WINDHAM HILL RECORDS founder



“Ambient Alchemy lives up to its title as sound transmutes to gold and conjures a spellbinding listening experience.

The music explores diverse sonic terrain that ranges from deep space to deep sea, and beyond… evokes a vibe that will appeal to fans of music like Vangelis, Tangerine Dream and Kitaro.”








Video featuring samples of 4 songs from Ambient Alchemy with visionary art: 

Artwork by Visual Alchemy




CELESTIAL SUITE – from Ambient Alchemy 

This track is on the first round ballot for GRAMMY consideration.





*Grammy pic-edit

Steven Halpern & Michael Diamond 2012 GRAMMY Nominee Event in San Francisco

Steven Halpern and Michael Diamond blend their artistry and inspiration on each others compositions – building on their past creative collaborations… taking their sound into the future and the listener on a magical journey.


GRAMMY® nominee Steven Halpern’s last 2 albums hit Billboard and ZMR Top Ten New Age charts.


Renown music journalist Michael Diamond is also a rising star on guitar synth, keyboards, and studio production, as well as being a voting member of The Recording Academy.


As one of the world’s leading bass players, Michael Manring has a rich history as house bassist for Windham Hill Records and much more. His accolades are extensive and include two gold records, GRAMMY nominations, numerous awards, and he is the subject of a recent PBS TV documentary. 


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Track titles: 

1.  Ambient Alchemy Buddha lotus
2.  Molecules In Motion
3.  Isis Moon
4.  Celestial Suite
5.  Deep Diver
6.  Return To Shamballa
7.  Rain Dream
8.  Lunar Orbit
9.  Ancient Shores
10. Above The Clouds
11. Echoes In Eternity
12. Earth & Sky
13. Stellar Drift
14. Atlantis Revisited



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