Specializing in new age, ambient, and electronic  music.


IMG_1156A ProTools-based digital recording studio for creating demo’s or finished CD’s.

Soundtracks for video and guided imagery CD’s are a specialty, as are slide show/music videos.


We also produce promotional and educational materials such as CD’s for lecturers, holistic practitioners, etc.


A wide variety of original recorded music is currently available for licensing or can also be custom-created for your project.


***Rates are reasonable and quite affordable.***





Live concerts featuring ambient synthesizer and guitar music can be scheduled. They are also available as multi-media events with large screen video projections synched to the music.






Recording, editing, or soundtrack projects have included:

  • Pete Sears (played w/ Jefferson Starship, Rod Stewart, Tina Turner, and others)
  • Michael Manring ( Windham Hill bassist)
  • Jimmy Hobson (drummer w/ Celine Dion, Hall & Oates, and others)
  • Jai Josefs (songwriter for Jose Feliciano, and numerous TV & film scores)
  • Steven Halpern (new age recording artist)
  • Constance Demby (new age recording artist)

    Jefferson Starship/Rod Stewart keyboardist Pete Sears at the studio recording tracks for Indigo Moon.

    Jefferson Starship/Rod Steward keyboardist Pete Sears at the studio recording tracks for Indigo Moon.

  • Iasos (new age recording artist)
  • Barbara Borden (jazz/world music percussionist)
  • Gabe Schillinger (worked with Narada Michael Walden)
  • Ken Jenkins (award-winning film maker)
  • Current TV
  • Global Peace Foundation


  • Tropozone
  • Sacred Ground
  • SpiritMoves


  • Dr. Kimeron Hardin – psychologist
  • J. Adam Milgram – psychologist/ spiritual lecturer
  • Dr. John Leonard, MD. – psychiatrist
  • Dr. Cecelia Tiemann – chiropractor
  • Daniela Bayer – holistic practitioner


MacBook Pro – 17″, 8 GB ram
Mac Mini – 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
Mbox 2 Pro – firewire interface & ProTools DAW
Yamaha digital multi-track
Alesis ADAT XT-20 & AI-1 digital interface
Mackie 1402VLZ mixing board
Kawai 8 channel stereo line mixer
Yamaha NS-10M studio monitors
Roland CM-30 monitors
Sony 7506 headphones
PreSonus headphone amp
Alesis RA 100 power amp
Audio Technica, Shure, and Oktava microphones 

Focusrite dual track preamp/ channel strip
(with optionalA/D converter)

Focusrite Liquid Mix
Compressor/EQ modeler

ART DPS ll stereo tube preamp
ART Dual 15 Band graphic EQ
Behringer Ultra Curve Pro EQ
BBE 862 Sonic Maximizer
Rocktron Hush IIC noise reduction

Lexicon PCM-60
Lexicon MX200
 multi fx
Yamaha SPX 900
 multi fx
Ensoniq DP/4+
 parallel fx





Roland V-Synth
Korg Karma
Korg Micro X
Novation UltraNova


IMG_1172 - Version 2














Korg M3-M w/Radias EXB
Korg Trinity & Wavestation SR
Roland JD-990 w/ Vintage EXB board
Kurzweil K2000R w/ExpressionMate
Kawai K5000R  &  K4r

Korg Kaoss Pad
Oberheim Cyclone
Moog EP2 pedal
Rapture – software synth
Roland KC-60 keyboard amp

(Extensive sound libraries for synths/ samplers




Paul Reed Smith-Santana SE 
w/ Sustainiac & Roland synth pickup

Fender Stratocaster 
 w/ Lace Sensor pickups 
& built-in Roland synth pickup

Fender Custom Telecaster 
w/ DiMarzio humbuckers

Fender ’69 Tele Thinline reissue 
 w/ Lace Sensor & Duncan humbucker

Gibson Les Paul
 w/ Seymour Duncan humbucker

Bentley acoustic/ electric guitar

Artisan lap steel guitar






Late 60’s Aria ES-335-style semi hollow

Epiphone ES-295 jazz guitar w/ Gibson P90 pickups








Mesa/Boogie V-Twin tube pre-amp

Mesa/Boogie Studio 22 tube amp

Marshall Master Lead combo amp

Fender Super Champ tube amp

Vox Pathfinder amp







Roland GR-33 & VG-99 guitar-synths

Eventide Harmonizer Pitchfactor

Lexicon Vortex

Boss SE-70 & VF1 multi fx

Boss V-Wah pedal

Roland EV-5 pedal

Ernie Ball volume pedal

E-Bow sustainer



Electric Chroma-harp, Tibetan bowl, chimes, rainstick, kalimba, hand drums &