indigo-moonThis page shows examples of music videos I have done for clients, and a couple of my own, that will reflect a cross section of my artistic style and spectrum.


My format is to use still images that morph and dissolve in and out of each other, with special effects added to provide movement.

Great attention is placed on synching images to flow with changes in the music.




I offer two different formats:

  1. a video of a single song from start to finish
  2. a sampler from the album with shorter excerpts of three or four songs


For further information contact me at: mdiamondstudio@aol.com  

(alternate address:  mdiamondstudio@gmail.com)





Video sampler for Peter Kater’s LOVE album:



Video sampler for Fiona Joy’s From The Mist album:




Video sampler for harpist Peter Sterling’s Sacred Visions album:




Single song: Neil Tatar’s Breeze In Blue:



Video sampler for Neil Tatar’s Learning To Fly album:



Single song: John Fluker’s In The Beginning, from his album, “11:11”

  Video sampler for Kathryn Kaye’s There Was A Time album:



Video sampler for Louis Colaiannia’s Closer album:



Video sampler for Louis Colaiannia’s Next Stage album:



Single song: Steven Halpern & Michael Diamond w/ Michael Manring – Celestial Suite:



Video sampler for Phillip Wesley’s Transcend:



Video sampler for Dan Chadburn’s Whispers the Falling Snow:



Single song: Michael Diamond – Indigo Moon



Video sampler for Steven Halpern & Michael Diamond w/ Michael Manring –  Ambient Alchemy