Michael Diamond is a veteran musician who has been playing guitar since the late 1960’s. He has played both rhythm and lead guitar in many bands covering rock, blues, funk, reggae, and more. His early influences include Carlos Santana, Jimi Hendrix, and David Gilmour of Pink Floyd among others. He later expanded his musical palate to include synthesizers, which have become a major part in the lush soundscapes he creates. He is also an innovator in the use of the guitar-synthesizer and electronic effects.


His current recorded music is in the genres of ambient, new age, and electronica with elements of rock, jazz, and world music. In addition, he performs both solo and in bands around the San Francisco Bay area.







Ambient Alchemy AMBIENT ALCHEMY”
A collaboration by GRAMMY nominee Steven Halpern and Michael Diamond with special guest, world renown bassist Michael Manring.

 Atmospheric keyboard textures, soaring guitar, fretless bass, subtly percolating electronics, crystal bowls, and nature sounds combine to create an enchanted world of musical dreamscapes. The album explores diverse sonic terrain that ranges from deep space to deep sea, and beyond, evoking a vibe that will appeal to fans of music like Vangelis, Tangerine Dream and Kitaro.

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Layers of mesmerizing synthesizer tones blend with ambient guitar sounds that occasionally give way to soaring and melodic leads with rhythmic grooves on some songs. Featuring Michael Diamond’s artistry not only on guitar and synthesizers, but on sequences, samplers, and sound design. Along with very special guest Steven Halpern, whose record label distributes the album, Atlantis Rising is awash with intricate effects and lush textures that evolve, morph, and move around the soundscape, and was named “One of the best new releases of the year” by

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Indigo Moon on cdbaby

The sequel to Atlantis Rising features special guest appearances by Jefferson Starship and Rod Stewart keyboardist Pete Sears and ambient music pioneer Steven Halpern, whose label also distributes this CD. While always atmospheric and well-chilled, INDIGO MOON even more reflects the pulse of contemporary rhythms and electronica, with a touch of jazz, rock, and world music influences. Featuring guitar work that ranges from ethereal to electrifying, laced with layers of dreamy synthesizer textures, wisps of Enya-like vocals, and a variety of beats, INDIGO MOON is sonic alchemy.

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Ethereal music painted in colors of sound. A collection of ambient electronic space-scapes. Perfect for chilling out or meditative inner journeys. Chroma Zone has received airplay on both Hearts Of Space and Echoes nationally-syndicated radio programs.

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This is the musical score composed and produced by Michael Diamond for a clinically-based sleep program CD.
“Drifting Deeper” is one continual instrumental composition, which provides a flow of gentle ocean waves and a subtle sonic tapestry that becomes slower and quieter as it evolves. It may also be useful for deep relaxation or meditation.

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Featuring the exquisite flute melodies of Deborah Martin, the grand piano and keyboard wizardry of Preston Scott, and Michael Diamond’s artistic touch on guitars and synthesizers, as well as being his debut release as a producer. Along with bass, drums, and percussion, the album blends atmospheric and jazzy sounds, with a touch of rock, on all-original compositions that range from languid and dreamy to more groove-fueled flights that highlight the song writing talents of Martin and Scott.

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