CD: Flower Of The Heart
Artist: Janet Carol Ryan

Subtitled “Meditations, Prayers, & Blessings for Heart-centered Living”, this lovely CD by Janet Carol Ryan, radiates warmth and beauty, while providing guidance and support for attuning one’s being to the vibration of love in their life.

The program opens with a brief welcome from Janet, followed by a musical meditation with Tibetan Bells and Crystal Singing Bowls, creating a sacred space for centering and looking deeper within. From there the journey continues with guided visualizations, songs, prayers, and blessings for opening your heart, remembering your Higher Self, and maintaining that awareness throughout the day. One thing in particular that I like about Flower Of The Heart is that it can be used in sequence as a daily program with it’s different tracks that focus on starting your morning, things to think about during the day, ending the day, etc., or you can just pick one of the tracks, such as the one on cultivating “The Garden Of Your Heart” as a particular meditation at any given moment.



This is Janet Carol Ryan’s second release following her “Abundant Blessings” CD, which included meditations and affirmations for increasing one’s prosperity. In her work as a spiritual counselor and educator, she sees her role as that of a catalyst, combining the practical application of universal principles and affirmative prayer to help people “turn obstacles into stepping stones.” “Flower Of The Heart” is practical on an outer level, as well as deeply meditative and engaging of one’s inner nature. There is an intangible quality that comes across in this recording that is alluded to in the liner notes where Janet thanks all those who have said to her over the years, “I feel so calmed in the presence of your voice.” I very much had that experience in listening to her lovingly and compassionately sharing her wisdom and music. I look forward to going deeper in subsequent listening, and am pleased to spread the word about this wonderful CD.