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Sounds from the Circle V

Sounds From The Circle VThe New Age Music Circle is an online community and social network with approximately 1500 recording artists and fans. For five years in a row, they have put out a compilation of member’s recordings and made it available to press and radio programmers on a 40-song mp3 disc as well as to the public as an iTunes playlist, which they can download individual tracks from. The Sounds From The Circle compilation is the work of new age music pioneer, Suzanne Doucet, who is also the creator and organizing force behind the community. Also contributing to this project is Beth Ann Hilton, a well-known LA music publicist.

The music on the compilation is quite diverse and covers many New Age sub-genres including meditation, nature, solo piano, vocals, electronic space, chill, world music, and more. One great thing about it being available as iTunes downloads is that you can preview any track individually and decide which ones they would like to purchase for 99 cents each. A link to the playlist can be found at: It’s a wealth of wonderful music from world-class talent. Information about earlier volumes of the Sounds From The Circle series can be found at the New Age Music Circle website.


GRAMMY NominationThis particular volume contains new music from 2 GRAMMY winners and 5 GRAMMY nominees.  A number of the CD’s by artists on the compilation have been reviewed at length on Music and Media Focus, and can be read here on the site. They include: Steven Halpern, Fiona Joy Hawkins, Al Conti, Trine Opsahl, Laura Sullivan, Lia Scallon, Heidi Bryer, Eichstaedt, Hennie Bekker, Arun Shenoy, AO Music, David Vito Gregoli, Paradiso, Louis Colaiannia, and Suzanne Doucet herself, among many others. Sounds From The Circle V represents quite an impressive array of talented musicians and inspired sounds all carefully sequenced for your listening pleasure. Definitely worth checking out!



Steven Halpern, Suzanne Doucet, and Beth Ann Hilton at the 2012 GRAMMY Awards in Los Angeles

Steven, Suzanne, Beth