Realms of Light by IasosDVD: Realms Of Light
Artist: Iasos

Since 1975 with the release of “Inter-dimensional Music Through Iasos” this Greek-born visionary musician and sound sculptor has been one of the acknowledged pioneers of the new age music genre. His compositions have inspired countless listeners, and have been used by NASA and the Laserium laser light show. In the last seven years he has devoted himself to developing the skills as a video producer that he began with his “Crystal Vista” in 1980 – one of the first new age videos. This brand new release is an evolutionary step for this talented multi-media artist.

Using the music from his 2001 CD “Realms Of Light “, Iasos has created an experience of sight and sound that transports the listener to a wonderland of luminous visions. Temples in the clouds, floating colors, mandalas, ancient monuments, star fields, slow motion dancers with flowing silk, tropical lagoons and landscapes from earthly to alien intertwine in an ever-evolving panorama. His use of special effects is mesmerizing, and his affinity for brilliant deeply saturated colors provides what can best be described as eye-candy. One of the most outstanding accomplishments of the DVD is how masterfully the music and visuals are synched with each other. The celestial synthesizer soundtrack also features some haunting and ethereal solo flute work by Iasos.

His website ( contains a generous number of video clips which provide a good idea of the magical vistas contained within. Realms Of Light – The DVD opens a portal to a world you’ll want to return to.