Book: Refreshing The Moment
Author: Richard Gannaway

Refreshing The MomentIf anyone ever fit the description of a “renaissance man” it has to be Richard Gannaway. In addition to being the author of the book in this feature article (as well as two others), he is a composer, a world-class music and video producer, a highly skilled multi-instrumentalist, a visionary graphic artist, and the co-founder of a non-profit organization that benefits orphaned children around the world. Not only does Richard do all these things, he does them all exceedingly well. I’ve had the opportunity to write about his previous book, Drops And Sparks, as well two albums (And Love Rages On and Hokulea) from his inspirational world music group AOMUSIC. For those interested, reading the review of Drops And Sparks at the link above will provide additional context in regard to his latest book, as they are related. However, it is not necessary to read the previous book in order to fully understand or appreciate this one.


The full title of his latest book is Refreshing The Moment: Keeping Our Appointment with Evolution, and covers a multitude of topics which, according to Richard: “outline a universal connectedness between the temporal and sublime fields of experience and invites us to expand our sense of beauty, Love and the story we are enacting together as a human family.” He goes on to say: “If there is one common message in all of the new information being shared, it is a clarion call for community, tolerance, and balance.” This ties in with one of the first things he talks about in the opening chapter, and which is responsible for so many of the internal and external problems in our society – the illusion of separation which we are taught to believe. In his words: “This book will cover a field of insight that reveals what for centuries has distracted us from an obvious truth – We are an eternal, inseparable family of unlimited consciousness.”


I found a lot of meaning in the perspectives presented in Chapter 2, which is divided into three parts, and is entitled “The Holy Blind.” In this section Richard describes how the quest for power and domination in politics and religion has sown the seeds of separation and watered them with fear and intimidation. He observes that strict ideologies often alienate us from each other and the world we live on, and that “for centuries, western, civilian mind has been systematically kept ignorant, afraid, and affixed on personal gain at the expense of the whole.” This has led us to a point where our entire planet and all its inhabitants are in peril. However, Richard is aware of the larger picture and is hopeful when he says: “Despite what the mainstream news media shows us, a strong universal trend towards cooperation and tolerance is fanning the ember of planetary change with a convergence of great celestial cycles.” I especially appreciated the optimistic vision portrayed in a quote by Rumi, which is included in this chapter:

“Moslems and Christians and Jews raising their hands to the sky, their chanting voice in unison begin to arrive, how happy is the one whose heart’s ears hears that special voice as it begins to arrive.”


The next few chapters touch on sacred geometry, prehistory, and the possibility of extraterrestrial influence in Richard Gannawayour evolution. He goes on to discuss our role in the universe and our natural world, and the necessity of developing a perspective of being a part of nature, rather than apart from it. The themes of wholeness and oneness are woven throughout these teachings, as well as the devastating effects that have come about by focusing on the illusion of separation. As one example, Richard writes:  ”People who populate the world’s most powerful nations have watched their governing bodies morph into industrial engines of very destructive force – precisely what democracies are designed to police. Trends of this nature have no harmonic gravity to wholeness and eventually self-destruct, which we are now witnessing. Most of the world’s power centers are rattled by mass awakening as people unite in resonance to what is right and good for the whole.” Richard expands on this when he says: “In the global socio-political arena today, we are witnessing an original, causal force in nature assert itself – balance. It may seem rough on the surface, but it is the motion we should observe, not the condition.”


One thing I appreciated about this book is that while it clearly defines the problems facing humanity and how we got to this state, it also talks about solutions and the consciousness we need to develop to bring them to fruition. These include love, forgiveness, and the appreciation of beauty. I found great meaning in the statement: “Every noble effort in forgiveness is a leap beyond the illusion of separation and a powerful seed of hope for wayward consciousness. Setting aside personal torment in order to revive the original spark of another’s humanity is an act of grace that waters the souls of all who witness it.”   And along those lines: “Every blissful encounter with beauty reveals the true quality and scope of our being – omnipotent Love. Love is not a treasure we find—It is what we are.”


art by Richard Gannaway

art by Richard Gannaway

What I have written about and quoted here, barely scratches the surface of Richard’s profound observations and perspectives. The topics in this book are expansive and thought provoking. It is written in a style that is scholarly yet accessible. The subject matter is deep and will likely appeal to those with some background or interest in metaphysical teachings. An outstanding feature of this book is the inclusion of a 25 page Glossary Of Terms at the end which has extensive educational value for anyone interested in the topics covered in Richard’s writings. This is followed by what Richard calls “A Few Source References.” I’m not sure how he defines “a few,” but this is a very comprehensive 6-page listing of books and authors of relevance and related interest. These last two sections alone are worth the price of admission for the serious seeker. And being a serious seeker myself for the past four decades, I am extremely impressed with the depth and breadth of Richard’s knowledge. The fact that he is able to write so eloquently and perceptively, in addition to all his other creative and humanitarian efforts is truly astounding. If anything I’ve related here about this book resonates with you, I highly recommend checking it out, along with Richard’s previous titles and his recordings with AOMUSIC – a sample of which, can be heard in the video below.