DVD: The Loving Way: Teachings For Our Times
Artist: Becky Loving
Contact: www.beckyloving.com

If there is anyone whose name fits perfectly with who they are and what they do it is Becky Loving. As a counselor and meditation teacher, she has spent the last 25 years helping individuals, couples, and groups, fulfill their highest potential in life. Her work continues with the release of two DVD’s entitled The Loving Way with Becky Loving: Teachings For Our Times (Volumes 1 and 2). According to Becky: “This series of channeled teachings and discussions offers new insights into spiritual law and a unique, love-based context for our changing and challenging times. It’s a message full of hope and clarity that will lift you out of fear and open you to the freedom and aliveness you were meant to experience.”


With her background and training as an educator, she first applied her skills in the service of disadvantaged and learning-challenged youth while living in Texas. Later she moved to southern California and worked in the public school system. Currently living near Los Angeles in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, her work has evolved into private practice and group teaching based on principles of personal transformation and spiritual empowerment. Outside of her practice, Becky finds inspiration in music. In addition to playing the piano, she is a member of a well-known chorale, which recently performed at Carnegie Hall.


While Becky’s teaching and counseling is an asset to her local community, she has gone on to expand her sphere of influence by offering a series of audio recordings on Spiritual Growth that are available on her website, as well as these two new DVD’s. Each DVD contains a combination of Becky sharing wisdom and guidance from her spiritual teachers while in a meditative state, as well as being followed by a discussion on the teachings and questions. There are six topics or teachings on the DVD. On volume 1, they include: “Moving Through Times of Change without Fear,”  “Embracing the Non-Perfect Life,” ” You and What Crosses Your Path,”  “Finding Your Happiness,” “Learning the Skill of Release,” and “The Power of Asking the Question.” Volume 2 covers: “Healing Your Beliefs, Healing Your Reality,” “The Power of Rest and Self-Care,” “Your Joy in Service,” “Listening to the Call of Your Spirit,” “The Key to Releasing Old Emotional Wounding,” “and Satisfying Practicality and Life-Purpose.” Video clips from the DVD are available for viewing at her website.


Becky shares some of her perspectives on the teachings and how they apply in our daily lives: “Each one of us is unique, not only in personality, but also in purpose. Meditation is a great tool for knowing yourself and finding the purpose in your own life. The teachings provide information which can assist you in moving through any blocks you may be experiencing and helping you to create the life you truly want to live. It is my belief that we come into this life with the pattern for becoming our true selves. As we experience the stresses of life, we may forget who we truly are and become fearful. Healing our lives is not so much a process of becoming better as it is a process of remembering who we truly are. In that remembering we are restored and the pattern of our lives becomes clear. It is through that clarity that we can truly begin to experience the power we have to create, to love, and to know peace and balance in our lives. Just as there are laws of nature, so there are laws of energy. The teachings will tell you about these natural laws and how to use them in your own life.”


One thing that stood out to me about the teachings is their practicality. They are presented in a way that is easy to understand and relate to by just about anybody, without a lot of esoteric terminology. The topics relate to real life issues and contain a wealth of insightful and helpful information. I found them thought-provoking and worthy of further reflection – like seeds to plant in the garden of awareness. Becky’s presentation is sincere and from the heart, and you get a sense of her dedication and genuine desire to be of service to others in their spiritual evolution. She comes across as being a compassionate and experienced teacher who is well grounded and without a sense of pretense or self-aggrandizement. The teachings in these DVD’s can be of value for someone just starting out on the spiritual path as well as the more advanced seeker. The series subtitle, “Teachings For Our Times” is certainly appropriate, as we undoubtedly live in a period rife with both challenges and opportunities. As Becky describes: “In such an age, the power of spiritual teaching lies not in simply presenting information, but in delivering it in a way that actually helps shift us from a state of fear to that state of love. A state in which we can finally and truly heal. A state in which we can feel powerful and whole even in the midst of great change.” With these DVD’s, in addition to her counseling, teaching, writing, and audio recordings, Becky Loving has created  yet another helpful tool for awakening the indwelling potential in each of us.