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DVD: An Evening with Ann Sweeten
Artist: Ann Sweeten

Live-at-the-St-GeorgeHaving recently written about Ann Sweeten’s excellent CD, Tapestries of Time, I was excited to receive her brand new live concert video entitled An Evening with Ann Sweeten: Live at the St. George. Hearing an artist on an audio recording is wonderful, but actually seeing them perform their music live on a DVD adds another whole dimension to the experience. As I mentioned in my review of her CD, Ann is an award-winning pianist and an official “Steinway Artist.” Continue reading

DVD: A Musical Journey For World Peace (by Rupam Sarmah and his team)
Director: Rupam Sarmah

DVD coverIts not everyday that I have the opportunity to write about something that has been awarded a place in The Guinness® World Records, but the musical event portrayed in this colorful DVD, is one of them. The concert, entitled A Musical Journey For World Peace, was a massive (and that is an understatement) international symphony that was held in Assam, India on February 24, 2013, and was attended by more than 30,000 people. The extravaganza brought together over 500 participants from around the world, including 106 vocalists and 370 musicians. Continue reading

DVD: Visions
Artist: Catherine Andrews

It’s been almost 25 years since I wrote a feature article about Catherine Andrews for New Frontier Magazine back in 1988. At the time, she had just released a beautiful album of celestial new age music entitled Initiation. This was somewhat of a diversion for her since she is primarily known as a painter and visionary artist. Having recently received a DVD documentary entitled Visions: The Art of Catherine Andrews, I am pleased, once again, to shine a light on someone whose work is, in itself quite luminous. Continue reading

Realms Of Light by Iasos

Realms of Light by IasosDVD: Realms Of Light
Artist: Iasos

Since 1975 with the release of “Inter-dimensional Music Through Iasos” this Greek-born visionary musician and sound sculptor has been one of the acknowledged pioneers of the new age music genre. His compositions have inspired countless listeners, and have been used by NASA and the Laserium laser light show. In the last seven years he has devoted himself to developing the skills as a video producer that he began with his “Crystal Vista” in 1980 – one of the first new age videos. This brand new release is an evolutionary step for this talented multi-media artist. Continue reading