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CD: Increasing Your State Of Wellbeing
Artist: Andrya Lopez

Andrya Lopez CDAlthough the practice of meditation dates back to ancient times, it is as popular today as ever in a myriad of forms. While many have evolved out of religious and spiritual traditions from around the world, the use of meditation need not be tied to spirituality and can simply be done as a way to calm the mind and create a state of relaxation. A popular form in the Western world is guided meditation, and the new release by Andrya Lopez, entitled Increasing Your State Of Well Being, is a perfect example. Continue reading

CD: The Healing Waterfall lll: Angel Pouring Light
Artist: Max Highstein

Healing Waterfall lllThe name Max Highstein is one I’ve been familiar with from his many music recordings dating back to his earliest releases Touch The Sky (1987) and Stars (1988) – both excellent albums in the new age/ contemporary instrumental genre. These days he is more active than ever in the music field and has continued his pioneering work in guided meditation programs, which he began in 1984. Continue reading